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Simple CRM pricing for small business owners

Our customer relationship system includes invoicing, loyalty points, bookings, email marketing, marketing tools, WhatsApp messaging & marketing and much more!

We support small businesses by pricing per company and NOT per user. You can choose either our Basic package or Enterprise package, depending on the features you want. Both are multi-user and unlimited contacts!


Rp 500,000 / month
  • Perfect for small businesses that want the benefits of a CRM at affordable rates.
  • Customer database with custom fields. With the ability to connect related accounts eg parent and child accounts
  • Loyalty points and points driven tier levels
  • Email notifications to customers using custom templates
  • Data entry form for customer data that can be edited & saved as draft
  • Invoices & Payments – save draft, email pdf to customer, add payments & exchange rates, setup recurring invoices*, and more.
  • Multi-user & Unlimited customers


Rp 1,500,000 / month
  • Aimed at small/medium-sized companies with more than one branch/location.
  • All in Enterprise plus:
  • Multi-Location – allows you to operate multiple locations through one central system
  • Save time and keep your staff and customers united through centralised bookings, invoicing, databasing and so much more!
  • No other CRM can offer this!!

* please see our Development Timeline below for details about the availability of these features

Development Timeline

Qtr1-Qtr2 2022
Phase 1: Initial CRM Product Launched


  • Key CRM features
  • Invoicing
  • Loyalty Points & Tiers
  • Invoices & Payments
  • Multi-user & Unlimited customers
  • Multi-Location
Qtr3 2022
Phase 2 Development

Planned development:

  • Recurring Invoices
  • Email Campaigns
Qtr4 2022
Phase 3 Development

Planned development:

  • Marketing tools
  • Customer Login
  • Online booking system
Qtr1 2023
Phase 4 Development

Planned development:

  • Quotes & sales pipelines
  • WhatsApp messaging & marketing
Qtr2 2023
Phase 5 Development

Planned development:

  • Email integration & shared Inbox