Customer relationship system for small businesses

Our customer relationship system is fully integrated with invoicing, loyalty points, booking, email marketing, marketing tools, WhatsApp and much more!

Treat your customers like people with our CRM System

CRM stands for customer relationship management, and the most important thing about any CRM is right there in the first word — it’s about customers. A CRM should help you understand your customers better, and it should help streamline a company’s processes for customer relationships.

Thats what SkypexCRM does. It provides a system that lets you manage your customers AND more efficiently handle the full customer journey.

  1. Manage your customers
    A simple display shows the key customer details such as name, address, date of last visit, etc. There is also the ability to quickly:
    • view the emails and WhatsApp communications
    • edit all fields and tags and add notes to the customer
    • add/view any files associated with the customer
    • view a full list of all previous transactions, invoices and bookings
    • view customer account details such as advance payments made, gift cards held/bought, etc
    • view the email campaigns that the customer has received
  2. Efficiently handle the full customer journey
    We believe that this is vital for small businesses, and SkypexCRM is fully-integrated with key touchpoints such as:
    • Managing Email & WhatsApp communications
    • Issuing quotes & invoices
    • Managing payments
    • Issuing Loyalty points & rewarding loyal customers
    • Running email campaigns
    • Managing marketing promotions such as recommend-a-friend & gift cards

In addition, dashboards & charts allow managers & business owners to easily view key performance indicators for their business.

Top 3 reason to choose SkypexCRM as your CRM

All-in-One. Affordable. Unique features.

Fully Integrated Customer Relationship System
  • All-in-One Customer System

    Automate your customer service, invoicing, marketing & booking in one platform. Improve your efficiency and keep on top of your business.

  • Affordable CRM

    We support small businesses by pricing per company and NOT per user. You can choose either our Basic package or Enterprise package, depending on the features you want. Both are multi-user and unlimited contacts!

  • No one else offers our features

    No one else offer a Customer Relationship System fully integrated with key activities such as invoicing, loyalty points, booking, email marketing, marketing tools and much more! We also keep ahead of trends eg our WhatsApp marketing feature.

Simple pricing for small business owners

Pricing for our Customer Relationship System

No other system offers the integrated features that SkypexCRM has!

We compared SkypexCRM with equivalent packages in three of the top systems in the world –, Pipeline and Mailchimp. As you can see, these do not even come close to the features offered by SkypexCRM!

Features of our Customer Relationship System