Loyalty Points & Tiers

Simple Customer Loyalty Program with Points and Tiers

Get an edge over your competition with a loyalty program that’s customized for your business.

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Setup Points, Tiers & Discounts

Easily setup points to products/services, and define tier levels & tier discounts, and discounts  are automatically added to invoices.

Define Gifts

Define gifts to allow customers to use their points - 1 free coffee for every 10 coffee's purchased anyone?

Key Features of Customer Loyalty Program

Add Points to Purchases

All products/services have both price & points that you add, this way when you add products/services at time of purchase the points are automatically added to the customers account.

Define Tiers

Tiers are defined at company level so that all locations can participate. Features for each tier include tier name, points to reach the tier, points-multiplier, and tier discount to apply to the invoice. 

Define Gifts that Customers can Claim

Define any product/service as a gift - it does not have to be one that you sell!! Easily apply the claim at time of purchase and the points are automatically deducted from the customers account.

Auto-Email Notifications

Email notifications are automatically sent to customers on certain triggers - each visit/purchase, birthday, and account summary. All emails are fully customised, with variables to allow points, tiers & discounts to be added.