Bookings Management

Set up your class calendar and take bookings online

Our module allows to issue booking invoices, manage your rooms & instructors, and even view how much you need to pay your instructors! Everything can be done via your own online calendar.


Key Features of Booking Management

Easily send out Email Campaigns to your customer database such as newsletters and special offers.

Setup your Rooms, Instructors & Classes

Easily setup your rooms, instructors & classes so you can start to create your timetable.

Create & Publish your Timetable

Easily setup your Timetable of classes that can be booked, and publish your timetable on your website!

Manage Bookings, Invoices & Payments

Easily create bookings, and create & send invoices. Define when unpaid bookings are automatically cancelled so that spaces can be re-booked.

Manage Instructor Salary

Easily setup your instructor salary with commission amount or base amount.  The amount you owe your instructors is automatically tracked by the system from your bookings. Easily create payments advises, and mark as paid to keep track of everything.

Supported by Automated Emails

Standard emails support the booking process. Easily setup the email templates using MSWord-style editing, and they are automatically sent at the appropriate time.