Email Marketing

Send Email Marketing Campaigns in Minutes

Email Marketing with features such as segmentation, product triggers and tags. Send anytime in the future and view which campaigns a customer has received.

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Send Email Campaigns

Easily setup and schedule/ send professional-looking emails.

Key Features of Email Marketing

Easily send out Email Campaigns to your customer database such as newsletters and special offers.

Easily Edit your Newsletter/Special Offer

Its as-easy-as-MSWord to configure these emails with text, images and links. They can be personalised with your customer data, and they are automatically sent out in the back ground without any intervention from you.

Set the Send Date

Easily set a date in the future when your Newsletter/Special Offer will be automatically sent. 

Resend your Newsletter/Special Offer

Set your newsletter or special offer to be resent every month -  this lets you send it to any new customers so they don't miss out!

Send Trigger Campaigns

Encourage up-sells by automating a trigger email to be sent x number of days after a particular product has been purchased.

Add Segmentation

Add a segment of your database (eg all female customers) and use this to determine who will receive your Email Campaign.

Add Tags to your Customers

Customise tags to add to your customers, and select the tag when creating an email campaign.

Schedule your Email

Set a date in the future when the email will be sent

Flexible Content

Add a different “From Email” address to each campaign, as well as different headers & footers

Send Test Emails

Send test emails to make sure that you have a solid design.

View Campaign History

View the status of your campaign, together with how many emails were sent.

Search and Send

Search your Customer List with various criteria, and send an email to those listed.