Customer Management

Rich customer management with easy access and search

All the details about a customer is available in a single view, including their lifetime value, past purchases, and any files you have added for them.

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Easily Add Purchased Items

Buttons allows purchased items to be easily added.

Rich Customer Details

Easily search for customers, and easily view their details.

Key Features of Customer Management

Rich Customer Details

Know your customer's name, address, and all the important notes & files from previous conversations to always keep it personal.

Add Notes & Upload Files

Keep your customer records centralised:

- Fully-formatted ad-hoc notes can be added to the customer record.

- Files such as contracts, agreements, etc can be uploaded to keep everything organised.

Transaction History

Know your customer's purchase history like flights, trips, returns, etc. to have a quick references to their last orders or understand what their next reservation looks like.

Customer Attributes

Know your customer’s lifetime value, loyalty status, return rate, and more to understand habits and priority.

Related Accounts

Create unlimited main customer accounts and connect related accounts eg parent and child, business and employee, etc.

Custom Fields & Form

Make it fit your business:

- Turn on/off the core data

- Rename the core fields

- Add your own custom fields 

Auto-Email Notifications

Email notifications are automatically sent to customers on certain triggers - each visit/purchase, birthday, and account summary. All emails are fully customised, with variables to allow customer data to be added.

Multi-Role/Unlimited Users

Create unlimited users with multiple levels - genral admin, manager and System Admin. Mutli-roles can be given by assigning users to modules and locations.

Online Registration Form

Send the url of the online form to customers to enter their own data, or set up QR code for them to scan with their phone. Customer can Save as Draft and complete at a later time.

Change Core Fields

Flexibility to customise the core data held about your customers. Rename core fields (eg Date of Birth to DOB) and turn-off core fields (eg if you don’t want to use marital status then you can turn  it off from your system).