Credit packages to manage all your packages

Use Credit Packages to Manage your Product/service Packages

Package Credits will help you manage your packages!

Our new Feature called Credit Packages will help you solve many of the problems that you have with multiple packages such as:

  • How to keep track of who has taken what?
  • How to look up how many items a customer still has on their package?
  • If your customer buys more packagess, how do you keep track of  them?

What are Package Credits?

Package Credits are special products/services with a credit value that is linked to one or more of your products/services.

Set up Credit packages
Add products and services to Credit packages

You will add a price to the package so that your customer can purchase one, and the credits can be used on the invoices to pay for one of the linked products/services.

The system has some built-in safeguards:

  • you can only use a credit for the linked products/services
  • you can see the current credit balance, and can only use the correct amount of credit (eg you cannot use 2 credits if there is only  credit left
Add price to the credit package

Packages available for use during Invoicing

The Packages Credits can be used at invoice time. 

On your customer invoice a simple drop-down shows you what packages are available to use for the customer, together with the balance available.

You can select how many credits to use, mark the invoice as Paid and thats it!

Keep Track of Credit Package Balances

The system keeps track of the Package balance for all customers. There is a drop-down in Customer Details that shows all the details of the Packages, with an action button that allows you to edit the Package for a customer should you need to.

Sell More Credit Packages

The system has some optional features to help you sell more:

  • You can add expiry date to your packages (eg 31 Dec 2023) or have them expire after a certain number of months
  • You can send auto-emails to support Packages:
    1. warn your customers when their Package(s) is about to expire
    2. warn your customers when their Package(s) has already expired

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